Show Us The Collar Bones, Garrett!

If you've stumbled across this here blog, let me welcome you. This is dedicated to Garrett Nickelsen and focusing on his collar bones. Don't know what I'm talking about?? Well keep scrolling down....
actually it’s this hat. But I love that other one!!!! :D***Ohh yeah! I love this one too!!*** 

actually it’s this hat. But I love that other one!!!! :D

***Ohh yeah! I love this one too!!*** 

lonelylost-and-stranded asked: you know what I REALLLLLYYYY love? that hat he used to wear! what happened to it! grr I forgot to ask him when I met him lol :P

His Yankee Doodle hat??? This one???  If so, I LOVE that hat!  (If that’s not it, send me a pic so i know which one!) 

Anonymous asked: oh yeah and his laugh and smile :))

ABSOLUTELY!! I love when I see his genuine smile!

garrettnickelsenthemainelove asked: Also it kind hard to choose one fav hung he is just perfect and the funny part is he is only three years older then me

garrettnickelsenthemainelove asked: They's alot of favorite things of Garrett I can make a whole damn list.. But I won't.. Ok: 1. He is shy like me 2. He makes the best Q&A 3. He is bad ass on stage he is crazy ( in a good way) 4. Even though I only know they music since 2010.. I still miss his nose ring 5.he has good music taste 6. He has some of the best quotes 7. Damn he has awesome pictures 8. He doesn't put up with shit 9. He is entertaining 10.EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! About him .. Sorry I went over 3 and I prob could go on

I love the enthusiasm! You pretty much nailed everything wonderful about him!

lonelylost-and-stranded asked: omg what's NOT to love about Gare Bear?!?! <3 he's soooo sweet and totally adorable I mean he has such a baby face omg c: I really love his eyes tho AHHH BLUE :DDDD

His eyes are my favorite too!

Anonymous asked: his awkwardness haha


Everyone send me their top three favorite things about Garrett!  It can be anon or not..let’s have some fun on this boring Sunday night!